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We are here to provide the best sources to graduates for a complete career development. We transform a graduate from learner to professional.

Our ambition is that Binge7 should be the only touch point for the brightest and most ambitious graduates from all backgrounds. We believe that a diverse student population needs a simple and best source of rich information to progress through their examinations with ease.

Our objective is to reach at least 1 million users in three years across the country.


In this country with a dense population, road accidents have been increasing day by day. While people blame it on the government infrastructure, the government blames it on people’s negligence or traffic violations. The actual person who is responsible for all these is still unknown.

To this question, people have multiple answers but no one is ready to bring the correct solution to this problem. We at SITGLOS developed a novel application-based solution using technology. Introducing AI to solve such problems has always been challenging to us. But, making it a reality is what our team good at.

We at SITGLOS developed this product COMPLAINT BOX, intending to reduce all the road traffic accidents by 60% within two years. With a team of Machine Learning experts, we are aiming to complete this project by August and launch it in September